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Hologram Selfie: The new way to Selfie

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Plain old phone selfies are so last season. This year’s greatest selfie innovation – that ups the game for the selfie-obsessed generation – is our latest in a line up of 20 cool photo/video booth styles: Enter stage right (insert drum roll):

Photobooth-ME Hologram Selfie !!

This leading-edge approach to photoboothing, allows people to take a holographic 3D moving image (in groups or selfie) and – using a novel giveaway prism – can see themselves in uber cool still or moving image hologram style.

Here’s how it works:


1. CREATE A MOTION PICTURE (DANCING PEOPLE, ACTION GIFS, ROTATING PRODUCTS, TALKING HEADS AND MORE): A user steps in front of our Hologram Creator photobooth – just as they would any of the cooler photobooths – and follows the touchscreen prompts to record a 15 second selfie video.


2. THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS: The Photobooth-ME Hologram Selfie booth then processes the recording in to a unique holographic format.







3. SEE IT ON THE LIVE SHARING STATION: Event goers can instantly send their images to their smartphones by email via our live sharing stations and see their holographic-selfie onscreen via SMS or email.


4. NOW FOR THE TRUE MAGIC. TAKE OUR UNIQUE VIEWING PRISMS (CLIENTS CAN BRAND THE HAND-HELD BLACK PRISMS, AS A COOL PURPOSE-BUILT GIVEAWAY): Using the event/client-branded viewing prism positioned centrally on your smartphone screen, see the fun holograms of yourself and your friends come alive. The fun images can be seen and loved and played again and again. Also be sure to keep the viewing prism to see any number of cool internet-generated holograms and impress your friends.

How it workds hologram selfie booth Dubai

Let us get creative with the many ways to best use the Photobooth-ME Hologram Selfie. The latest in our 20 varied photo or video booth styles. Check us out here


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