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PhotoXperience Booth



There is no other booth like it. Looks like an ordinary booth. Acts like the most advanced on the planet.


Featuring more than 12 smart-tech features including greenscreen advanced animation, moving gif files, face morphing, cool new cinemagraphs and more, talk to us¬†to get super creative at your next event. If you want to jump buildings in a single bound, have New Year’s fireworks fire in animated glory or have winter snow fall, the PhotoXperience booth gives your event guests the greatest most advanced photobooth experience.


SuperPower 1 – it can take you to any destination within seconds. Great for international and country-themed events with our Greenscreen PhotoXperience booth

Superpower 2 – you can become someone else. Use its face morphing function to morph in to a celebrity, character, fellow colleague or even your favourite pet

Superpower 3 – jump over buildings in a single bound. Our advanced animation settings means we can have you look like you are doing cool sporting activities or action movie stunts with greenscreen, boomerang, video action backgrounds and more….12 different Super Powers to choose from to talk to the team for great ideas to get your event guests talking

SuperPower 4 – teamed with a great sidekick Live Sharing Stations for instant social media sharing to Instagram, FB, Twitter, free GIFS, Competition Mode (optional) Surveys and Data Capture, centred on your marketing success

The PhotoXperience booth has powerful software with a great array of choice of backgrounds, features, sharing and mix of instant prints and animations too. Great for Mall Promotions, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Staff Events, Gala Dinners and more. The all-round Super Star of the Photobooth-ME product family


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PhotoXperience best photobooth in Dubai


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